Toxins in Deodorant and Shampoo

armpitSo, many of you are reading about all the chemicals and toxins in shampoo, and deodorant and toothpaste.  In fact most commercially made home products have many of these chemicals due to needing to be on the store shelves for long periods of time. Deodorant is one of the worst due to the fact that you are applying toxic chemicals close to lymph nodes and breasts on freshly shaven skin, which allows chemicals a bee-line to your bloodstream. Learn about Toxins in Deodorant here.

At Phytology, we are trying out all kinds of natural ways to make your life healthier and actually have these products work!  One big dilemma that many of my customers go through is the deodorant dilemma.  “None of the natural products work”, they say. Or,” I still stink when I use these products”.  Well, let me tell you, coming from a very sweaty, active family, in a very humid environment like Maine, I too am skeptical.  However, I have been testing out some natural deodorant recipes (hopefully to make it to market soon).  I have had great success with the smell factor, and am working on the dryness factor.  Though, to be honest, sweating is the best way to clean out toxins.  I know, I know, tell that to the teacher at the head of the class with the pit-stains from wrist to waist.  But, I think this can work and in a healthy way for us all.

Also on the heavy toxins to the body list is shampoo.  Again many commercial shampoos out there are loaded with chemicals.  These chemicals strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils, either leading to really dry hair and scalp problems due to the “cleaning” of the hair.  Or they lead to an over abundance of oils because your body want to combat the drying out effect that your shampoo has.  You should not have to wash your hair everyday.  We at Phytology are testing out shampoo bars (yes that may take some getting used to).  These bars are similar to basic soaps that have nourishing oils and herbs to help your hair and scalp, not dry or strip the hair.  This allows the body processes to naturally balance and restore hair and scalp to a healthy state.  Here are some chemicals found in shampoos.

Basically this post is to bring awareness to the dangers in these products that we use everyday.  If we can decrease our use then maybe we can decrease cancer rates, birth defects, and allergies.  Feel free to contact us at Phytology if you wan to start going chemical free in your home and we can help you with where to start!


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