Stress Relief!

teaOk, so the holidays are hectic.  Fun, but hectic.  This time of year is full of excited kids, family and friends traveling and and connecting at parties, stressing out with family and friends, and making things perfect.  AAAGGGHHH! What a trial for your body and emotions! The stress hormone, coritsol, is on the rise with the lack of sleep, stressful shopping, and sicknesses from all over the world being co-mingled at airports and shopping malls. Because cortisol goes up with stress and sugary cookies and cakes and pies, how do you stay healthy and stress free during this onslaught?

Here are a few ways to try to keep yourself healthy at parties and with sick family members this season:

1.  Drink water and herbal teas.  Tea and water will help to keep you hydrated and flush out your system.  This is extremely important through the sugary treats, salty roasts, and alcohol consumption.  When we are stressed sometimes we forget to drink, which makes us hungry and thirsty.  One fabulous drink for this time of year right before bed is Phytology Calming Tea.

2.  Try to get some sleep!   I know parties and shopping and sick kids can play a little part in this.  But try.  Sleep is the best healing your body can do when you are stressed out and starting to feel sick.

3. Wash your hands.  We have some fabulous products to keep you clear of yucky germs using antibacterial and antifungal herbs. Phytology Gent Scent Soap is made with pine, tea tree and anise essential oils which help kill germs and keep you healthy.  Our version of “Thieves” essential oil is used in our Winter Whip Lotion and our hand santizer which you can bring with you on the plane or traveling.  Apply often to gain health benefits of this fabulous germ-fighting essential oil!

4. Exercise.  Go for a walk (outside).  You don’t have to do a massive workout at the cross-fit gym, all you need to do is get some fresh air and start moving the blood around your body. Regular exercise can help decrease the release of cortisol and causes the body to have a healthier response to stress.  According to a 2010 study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Researchers found that people experienced the largest boosts to their mood and self-esteem after just spending five minutes outside doing some form of light exercise, like walking.

Good luck and make time to stay healthy this season!

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