Mama and Baby Products


Phytology baby products include lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, calendula and rose herbs and/or essential oils.  All herbs are organically grown and have non-toxic, skin soothing qualities.




We make an herb-free, Oh Naturale Lotion that is a terrific for Babies and Mamas with more sensitive skin.

Our Sun Salve is a salve that contains zinc oxide for sun protection.  Usually is about a  15-20 SPF, but does not have certification.  So just use it as a nice skin salve for when you are in the sun!

Baby Bum Butter is a diaper cream with soothing herbs, arrowroot and zinc for healing purposes.

Phytology Baby Powder is a non-talc, arrowroot based powder with powdered herbs with skin healing properties.

Phytology Baby Oil is an olive, grapeseed, and apricot kernel oil base with soothing and skin healing herbal essential oils.

bellyAlong with the rest of the products on our website, we have some products specifically formulated for Pregnant and New Mamas.

Phytology Buddha Belly Rub is an unscented salve for helping to prevent stretch marks on pregnant bellies.  Made with shea, cocobutter, coconut oil,  infused oils, vitamin E and C, and other yummy ingredients.

Our Sitz Bath Tea includes skin healing and anti-inflammatory herbs for the new mama. Allowing for a good soak in-between baby duty is a great way to heal!

Phytology Boobie Butter nipple cream is a fabulous coconut oil, shea, cocobutter, beeswax and olive oil based salve for chapped and chaffed nipples.  No herbs and non-toxic for breastfeeding babes.