About Lotions, Salves & Oils

Salves:rock and roll balm

  • Rock and Roll Salve – This balm is a favorite of rock climbers, gardeners, and musicians.  It helps to sooth achy hands with it’s combination of arnica, camphor and comfrey
  • Baby Bum Butter – This balm works well on diaper rash and helps with any sort of itchy spot like bug bites and rashes.
  • Buddha Belly Rub -This balm is for pregnant women and their ever expanding bellies.  Helps with keeping those stretch marks at bay.
  • Skin Heal Salve – This salve is great for itches, and rashes, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and small cuts and sores.
  • Sun Salve with Zinc – We’ve changed our Sun lotion formula for better shelf life and longer lasting protection.  It’s thicker with more protection and now comes in our lime in the coconut and unscented.


  • Lavish Lavender – This is a creamy lotion that has a classic aroma of soothing lavender
  • Lime in the Coconut – This lotion smells like the beach! Grab your bikini and go!
  • Winter Whip – This is a customer favorite.  It is more of a thick cocoa butter lotion, with the antibacterial properties of Thieves oil.
  • Oh Naturale -a basic lotion with a touch of honey.  Great face lotion.


Face Serum:photo(20)

Phytology Face Serum is a jojoba based face oil with coQ 10 and Calendula.  Use it at night after washing your face and while your face is still moist.  Face oils are used to keep your skin moist and actual helps to control excess oils on your face.  Oil dissolves oil.  coQ 10 is added for revitalizing your skin.



DSCN4758Massage Oil:

Massage oils have a light carrier oil blend of grapeseed, almond and sunflower oils

  • Into the Deep – a deep healing oil with arnica, camphor and comfrey
  • Invigoration – a citrusy blend to help refresh
  • Lavish Lavender – a soothing classic blend