Phytology Natural Salves and Oils for Massage and Physical Therapy

photo(17)For the last few months Phytology has provided Rock and Roll Salve to the the Atlantic Physical Therapy of Falmouth, Maine for their massage and treatment of deep tissue, muscle tendon and ligament injuries.  Due to the growing concern of parabens, and other chemicals in the lotions and salves available in today’s market, and concern for using these products on a daily basis as practitioners, Jill Newell of Atlantic Physical Therapy and co-owner of SOPOSUP contacted us to make a salve for treatment.  Phytology Rock and Roll Salve has been perfect for treatment as it only has natural ingredients (no chemicals), has the consistency needed for some of the instruments used, and has added deep tissue healing herbs like arnica, wintergreen, comfrey and camphor.  This salve has also been a favorite of gardeners and rock climbers.  Order salves here.



DSCN4758Many massage therapists are interested in both the oils and salves (depending on the technique used), as they too are becoming more and more concerned about chemicals in the products they use on a daily basis. Phytology massage oils are made of apricot kernel, almond and grapeseed oils.  Into-the-Deep Massage oil is a deep healer like the Rock and Roll Salve but in oil form.  Lavish Lavender uses Lavender’s relaxing and soothing effects for an aromatic massage.  Invigoration is a citrus blend for an invigorating aromatherapy massage.  All the oils are very subtle as some people are very sensitive to fragrance and all use essential oils and/or oil infusions, not “fragrance oil” (which is not usually a derivative of anything natural).  Order massage oil here



As with all Phytology products,our oils and salves do have a shelf life of about a year and if kept cool and out of the sun or heat can tend to last longer.  Refrigerate when not in use and the products will last.  Isn’t it better to have something that parishes like natural food products then have a product with chemicals seeping into your skin, possibly causing cancers, blindness, allergic reactions, reproductive issues, etc

Let us know if you’d like a different massage oil or salve combination and we can help!


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