Babies-of-different-racesWell, I’ve had three friends in three days have babies.  So fun and cute and full of love and life potential!  As my partner and I also try for a little bundle of joy,I worry about all of the environmental factors that can have an effect on his or her health and of course this relates to how I make my own life choices with exercise, food, drink, and products that I use in my life.  With recent elections not labeling the GMO products on the market, pesticide use at all time highs, food allergies closely related to these products, pollutions rates skyrocketing, Any big corporations running the FDA, it is more important than ever to take time to read labels, stay local for many items, and know what we are eating, drinking, and slathering on our skin.

At Phytology we are now in the process of the creating a natural baby product line including, but not limited to, non-talc herbal baby powder, baby oil, baby body wash and shampoo, and baby lotion.  We already have a great Baby Bum Butter for diaper rash or other rashes like eczema.  We also have a Mama line which includes Buddha Belly Rub and Sitz baths for pregnant mamas. We’ll be adding to the Mama line with nipple salves and tonics safe for Mamas and babies. Stay tuned all you mamas-to-be and dads-to-be.  We are looking forward to these new products! If you have any product suggestions let us know and we’d love to do some trials!

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